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What Will They Learn

Here at Play to Learn, we guarantee a well-integrated educational program with strong content.


All the classes are designed to complement one another and create a holistic system. The main program is enriched with classes such as English, Turkish Language, Literacy Prep, Natural Science, Geography, Arts, Creative Drama, Orff, Music, Physical Development, and Kitchen Activities.


During the pre-school program, kids have fun and prepare for primary school. The program is also supported with Projects, Trips, Family Participation and Social Activities, so that kids get a sense of world outside their kindergarten.


We Play and We Learn

Active English



It is a scientifically proven fact that kids at a young age have a higher capacity for language acquisition in comparison to adults. The pre-school period is an especially important span of time in learning a second language, and bilingualism has major advantages in linguistic and cognitive development. So here at Play to Learn, we give great importance to English. English is taught by our full-time native speaker English teachers.




For over 50 years, Kindermusik International has been the world's leading provider of music and movement programs. Enjoyed in more than 60 countries, it is now available here at Play to Learn. With this system, which is continuously being improved on by pedagogues, researchers, and scientists, kids are introduced to programs that help them go into the future. Using scientific methods and special techniques the system offers the opportunity to boost children’s cognitive and intellectual development.





GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) is a constantly developing program established by the University of California. The program takes exciting science and nature experiments, math exercises, and creative drama and art activities and brings them into our classrooms. In an effort to make learning more high quality, gripping, fascinating, and fun, we get support from GEMS, a flexible program. Via these fun activities, we lay the foundation for scientific thinking in kids by letting them develop an interest in science and mathematics. We let kids learn by experience at the early stages of their development. In this way, they discover the world, observe the development of knowledge from the abstract to the concrete, and unravel interconnections among different bits of information.

Primary Years


Play to Learn uses a selective educational system that is constantly renewing and developing itself. At our school, in addition to the National Education Ministry’s Pre-School Program, we implement an educational curriculum that combines international programs such as the Early Years Program and the Gems and Scamper program, both of which are utilized at elite pre-schools and other educational institutions in America and Europe. These programs are designed to help develop research-oriented, critical, creative, and self-confident individuals. We take pride in being one of the very few schools implementing Primary Years, a modern program in high demand in developed countries. By using this program, we contribute to raising kids with improved critical thinking skills.

Living Values



Living Values and Character education start as early as birth within the family environment. As a child grows older, socializes, and gets exposed to the digital world, the need for a strong moral foundation emerges. To help kids with today’s challenges, we utilize the UNESCO supported “Living Values: An Education Program LVEP.”. The program focuses on 12 basic values; freedom, cooperation, tolerance, happiness, honesty, love, peace, humility, respect, responsibility, simplicity and unity.




Research proves that during the pre-school period, creativity is not yet based on reality; kids’ viewpoints and understanding are different than that of adults and that realism only gains importance after age seven. At Play to Learn Pre-School we let kids nourish thinking skills by providing them with an environment conducive to developing creativity. We aim to protect their treasured skills; imagination, intuition and originality while developing their creativity. Scamper is one of the most important programs to achieve that. With the Scamper method, we let kids think in a multi-dimensional manner and develop creative solutions no matter what task they face.

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