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Our Mission

Every child comes into the world open to development with a mind ready to learn.


Each and every one of them is naturally curious, eager to learn, and happy to create. Play is a way to understand life, and attach meaning to what they see around them.


Here at Play to Learn we support this curiosity and eagerness to learn. From our school design to the programs we follow, from our teaching staff to the basic principles we adhere to, we do our very best to give life to our ideal of supporting children’s development. We empower their learning and self development as we help them discover their potential.

At Play to Learn Pre-School, our primary goal is to give children a love of school in an environment where they are loved unconditionally, are accepted for who they are, and feel safe . In other words, we work to help them want to go to school and to make learning an important part of their lives. We make it possible for them to become happy and self-confident individuals. And, we equip them with basic academic skills both in Turkish and English. Our goal, in a nutshell, is to lay the foundation in the children for becoming loving, self-trusting and self-sufficient adults.







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