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One Day at Play to Learn

Play to Learn is open between 08:00-18:30. 

Play to Learn educational hours are between 09:00-15:30. 


08:00-09:15 Welcome rituals-Free play session


09:15-09:30 Morning Exercise-Mini Yoga


09:30-12:30 English (Rotational)


12:30-13:00 Lunch-Cleaning


13:00-13:30 Young Group: Nap preparation: (Story time and music) Older Group: Garden/Movement Time


13:30-15:00 Young Group: Nap Time Older Group: Activity Time


15:00-15:15 Young Group: Waking up/Cleaning Older Group: Prep for Snack Time


15:15-15:30 Young Group: Snack Time/Cleaning


15:45-16:30 Free play session

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