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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your school offer counseling services? What kind of services do you offer?

We approach counseling from different angles – four in particular.

We offer guidance, monitor the child, follow-up on any issues, and ensure that improvement is being made.

We strive to focus on the child’s specific needs and share our impressions with the parents. (Monitoring and tracking)

We anticipate possible problems and avoid them before they occur. (Protective Anti-Routing)

We formulate specific ways to deal with problems. (Healing-Routing)

We get the family involved to show how they can positively affect the development of the child to inform parents about any issues.

We have regular, one to one meetings with parents where observations made on children's development and are given. Our parents have the strong support and guidance of the teachers.

Referrals can be made when necessary.

We share our observations in meetings about the strengths and weaknesses of the child to help uncover the child’s best skills and abilities


What is your academic calendar?

Our school is open year-round except during New Year’s and religious or public holidays.

In the summer, we are open for our special summer school program.


What are the hours for your half-day and full-day programs?

Our full-day program goes from 8: 30-16: 00. Our half-day program goes from 8: 30-13: 00 or 12: 30-16: 00. Working mothers can drop their children from as early as 8 am. The latest children are picked up is 18: 30.


How can parents be involved in school life?

Parents are strongly encouraged to continue their child’s education at home;

parents provide continuity between school and home. Parents can build effective

communication with their child through active participation in activities with their

children, especially those that support what they have learned in school. Helping

children set goals contributes to their achievement. We are still very happy that you

want to take part in school life. A school-family collaboration is healthy and we

encourage this through written communication (daily briefing reports, newsletters, informative messages) that we kindly ask parents to read carefully. 


Can parents call during the day, or visit the school? 

Parents can call any time. They can also visit, especially to meet or talk with school administration or our guidance counselor.


What is in the monthly newsletter?

Every month we share information about what the children have been up to. We let the parents know about

the themes, concepts, songs, plays, rhymes, science and nature projects, social activities, field trips, and any

other pertinent information that can help keep families involved with what is going on at the school. We also

share our menu for the month.


How do children adapt to school, and how long does it take?

The youngest children usually come to school with a parent, who needs to have frequent contact with the teachers. Every child is different, so there is no specific time that it will take for every child to adapt, but it’s important that the parents are aware of how the child is progressing and we help them assess how this is going. In the first year of training, we feel every moment with the child. We also believe in the necessity of getting support from parents to help the children acclimate.


Have you taken measures to ensure that safety standards are met?

Our playground and our building are designed for the safety of our children at every turn. Our service bus drops the children away from main road traffic in an orderly manner. Parents can drop their children from a safe parking lot in front of the school. Our school building is controlled through the garden entrance with an automatic door locking system. Our fence gives us added security. We deliver our children only to parents, or people previously reported to us by the parents. Throughout the playground, there is natural grass, shock absorbing flooring, or hardwood floors. All of our toys in our game room and all of our furniture is child-sized for the children to play safely. We also use special floor coverings to allow the children to play safely.


Can I come and take my grandchild out of school if I want to? 

We need to be informed if someone other than a parent wants to pick up a child. Parents should inform

us if an immediate family member will be coming to get their child. They can do this orally if it is an

unusual circumstance. For people who pick up a child from school every day, we need a signed form

from parents at the beginning of the academic year.


How is the health care services at your school?

At the beginning of the year, parents must fill out a form expressing their preferences in terms of health care options. Children must stay home and rest if there is a fever or they are sluggish. It is important to keep children home to avoid transmission of any illness to their friends. We stress the importance of RECOVERY for all illnesses. Sick children cannot be admitted to school when it threatens the health of the other children. The names of medications that a child needs to use, and the amount needed must be put in writing. Teachers use the Tarfa "Drug Monitoring Form" to monitor sick children.


Do you maintain a clean and healthy environment for our children?

The cleanliness of our school is of the utmost importance. Throughout our building, surfaces are covered by

the most suitable natural materials. All our visitors use galoshes when entering school. Class toys and all

materials used are frequently cleared. All our children participate in classroom activities in their school shoes.

Liquid soap and paper towels are used to tidy up. Our toilets, bathrooms, classrooms, common areas, and

garden are meticulously cleaned.


My child has not finished toilet training. Do you take children who are not toilet trained? 

We recognize that some children have not yet toilet been trained. Our experienced staff is able to maintain hygiene and meet the needs of your child. Toilet training is supported at school in cooperation with home-life. 





Is there a food service offered? 

We offer three food services every day to our children: a fruit snack in the morning, a balanced lunch, and an afternoon snack. We carefully choose the menus and do weekly and daily shopping. We have our own kitchen where our cook prepares healthy, fresh food every day – just like your mother’s!


Do the children only go into the garden if the weather is nice? 

We believe that clean air has an enormously positive impact on children's health, so in all  but rainy

weather, we spend some time in the garden according to the season.



Do you have a service bus available? 

Our school service is provided by a private company, though we monitor the safety, cleanliness, and operation of the vehicle. All seats safety seats. The service has is responsible for helping our children safely on and off the vehicles. The bus monitor is available by cell phone, so you can feel comfortable about their care. Our children travel in a fun and safe way.

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