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Message from The Founder

At last, your search is for a pre-school where you may entrust your child and have peace of mind over. 


I know that you are not looking for just any kindergarten, pre-school, or nursery to take her/him to everyday. You want your kid to be surrounded by caring teachers who listen to and understand your little one. You want well-deserved one-on-one attention with a patient approach. You want his/her early development to be supported during these important years while your child builds character.

You want your little tike to kids of his/her own age and learn as s/he plays with them. You want your kid to acquire skills which cannot be taught at home like international programs. You want your child to socialize in a safe environment with high hygiene standards, play with fun and educational toys, and learn to share with others. You want him/her to step out to the garden, play with soil, and touch some trees. You want him/her to be nourished with nutritious, clean, and seasonal food. You want him/her to lay the foundation of life-long friendships. You want him/her to be introduced to English as a second native tongue and improve his/her language skills. You want your child to be able to adequately express their feelings and desires. You want him/her to grow to be a healthy individual as s/he develops a sense of art appreciation and discover the artist inside.


To make a long story short, you want a kindergarten that is well equipped to make sure that your precious one is off to a good start in life. You are right if you think that pre-schools ought to have high standards. Because children are kids a short time in a lifetime, we have a valuable window of opportunity. Play to Learn was established with the ideal of taking this opportunity and letting kids acquire necessary traits, knowledge, and habits while they are most open to grasping them. The main reason why Play to Learn was established is because 11 years ago, when it was time for me to choose the right pre-school for my own kids, there was no place available that had the pre-requisite descriptions I summarized above.


We have our kids grouped in small classes where their basic needs are taken care of with utmost care, and make sure that they are given one-on-one attention. We chose our teaching staff from among the most dedicated and humanistic candidates. Instead of a conventional class room concept we utilize different spaces with different stimulus. We take the best from different programs such as Primary Years Program, Oxford Program, Kindermusik and Scamper and Gems to create just the right curriculum for the little ones.


We enrich our program with the universal values education and family participation. We are proud to be one of the very few schools in Turkey that utilizes Primary Years, the most up-to-date program widely used in developed countries.


We do all these things and more, so that you may trust us with your child and find a happy kid when you come back to pick her/him up… We are thrilled that we can make that happen. 


Özlem Petek HÜN

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